1920s Hairstyles

Here’s a fantastic vintage clip of 1920s hairstyles and hats!  If you’re trying to recreate the gatsby flapper coif & style, this film should give you some ideas.  It includes a few demonstrations by professional hairdressers trimming and adding the finger waves that were so popular during this era. Like the video?  Please rate and [...]

The 2nd part of my special 1920′s tutorials. Unleash your inner flapper or discover your Great Gatsby style with this authentic, 1920′s finger wave hair tuto… Here’s another fantastic 1920s hairstyle tutorial from superkawaiimama.  This easy 1920s hairstyle how-to video is perfect for those that are struggling to achieve that look without cutting your hair. [...]

The Roaring Twenties. Here’s a fantastic vintage 1920s fashion clip showing the fabulous dresses, hairstyles & shoes of the era. More Videos You’ll Enjoy …

You think that sweet little granny lived a sheltered pristine lifestyle? Think again! They were so ahead of their time paving the way. We all have to thank the flappers for paving the way for women! Here’s a wonderful sneak peak of these fantastic 1920s flapper lifestyle with their fantastic short bob hairstyles, short dresses, [...]